Earn Your Place in FDRG

As a player, you get rewarded for consecutive logins, this leads up to a major reward after a certain number of times of signing in. The rewards will vary between;

  • Finkaroos (special game coins)
  • Gems
  • Cosmetics
  • Vehicles

As you play the rewards will be arranged across the road so that you have a choice on the kind of rewards you would like to receive thus impacting your decision on the path to take.

The rewards will be received on a daily and a monthly basis.

  • Daily rewards;

For daily rewards, you will be required to log daily or every 24 hours in order to receive the reward. Every consecutive log in yields compounds to a better prize. After 7 days the daily logins are reset to start from day 1.

A 24-hour countdown starts from the first login of the day. When the countdown elapses then you need to have logged in for the next day’s 24-hour countdown to begin. If you forget to log in then the counter resets and you start accumulating rewards from day 1 of the week even if you were way past mid-week with your achievements.

A typical weekly report of your daily rewards would look something like the table below.

Reward100 Finkaroos200 Finkaroos2 GemsExtra Fuel X litres500 Finkaroos+ Water bonus600 FinkaroosVehicle Part
  • Monthly rewards;

When you log in for  30 days you get rewarded regardless if you logged in each of those 30 days consecutively. After you receive your reward then the awarding system resets itself.