If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You

Every single great video game comes with its fair share of satisfying challenges. The Finke Desert Race Game is no different. The following are some of the challenges you will need to successfully go through within the game.

Obstacle 1: Camels and Kangaroos

Desert camels and kangaroos roam the desert freely. The player will need to drive at 5 Km/hr as the animals within this obstacle can cross the player’s path at any moment. They will also need to avoid hitting them or outrun them because otherwise, the player will lose time The animals can be alone, in pairs, in trios or in a group of 5-8.

Obstacle 2: Fog

This thick wall of vapour in the morning reduces the visibility distance of the player to 5 metres. The payer needs to navigate the rough terrain with poor visibility. Fog is a static obstacle that does not change and only disappears when the sun rises without causing any direct damage.

Obstacle 3: Dust Storm/Clouds

During the day strong swirling winds carry dust particles on the road reducing the visibility distance to 5 metres. This is, therefore, a slow-moving obstacle with no direct damage that travels at the speed of 1km/hr.

Obstacle 4: Spinifex

Spinifexes are balls of tough grass with porcupine-like needles. They prick players and can make vehicles overheat. It is therefore prudent for the players to avoid them on the road. This, therefore, serves as a static obstacle.

Obstacle 5: Rolls of sand/ Corrugated dirt/ mud

These compacted rolls of sand that look like bumps on the road can damage a vehicle depending on how the player approaches the road. The goal is to navigate through the rolls with the least damage possible.

Obstacle 6: Mud

Wet slippery soil with a dark appearance. The slippery nature of mud can increase friction slowing down the vehicle and reducing manoeuvrability.

Obstacle 7: Sand

Loose sand can easily lead to a vehicle sliding and getting stuck. The sand decreases friction causing vehicle handling to be less responsive. And there you have it if it does not challenge, you it does not excite or change you. The Finke Desert Race Game makes sure it brings the experience of racing in the real Finke desert at the comfort and convenience of your phone.