Offroad Motorbike Race

The Rush

August craves and chases the adrenaline rush he gets from riding, every time he wakes up he spends every single minute of his day thinking of ways to satisfy this chase.

He tries to ride to work as often as he can but it is never the same. Traffic, rules and regulations force him to slow down his pace.

However, all is not lost these mini-challenges of navigating human, car traffic and the mundane things in life is simply a chance to practice for the most fulfilling challenge of his life “The Finke Desert Race”.

August decides to focus on the end goal. June is not too far away and it is worth the short adrenaline breathing space.

The Introduction

August has a group of adrenaline junkie friends, one of the newbies in the group introduces him to Finke Desert Race Game. The objective of the player is to be the ‘King of the Desert’. The player’s task is to navigate their motorbike as far and as fast as they can on the track while avoiding obstacles.

The player will need to keep a keen eye on the fuel, oil and temperature gauge while avoiding obstacles that may wreck the vehicle (writing off or blowing the engine).

A player loses if; the motorbike is 100% damaged (written off), they voluntarily pull out (Did Not Finish – DNF) or if they run out of fuel.

The Virtual Practice

August tries it out and within no time he is hooked. He loves the way the game resembles the real-life terrain he has gotten so fond of with every real-life Finke Desert Race he’s participated in.

He introduces more of his friends to the game and soon they all start competing against each other to see who leads on the leaderboard.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard will be accessed in two locations the garage before a race and at the end of a run. Each player’s distance and time taken is tracked.

The player with the longest distance covered is the winner. In the case of a tie in the distance covered, the determiner is the amount of time each player has taken. The player with the least time is the winner. August has found his muse, it will keep him excited and occupied with the absolute love of his life racing. And when the time comes for him to hit the real road then he will simply do so with even more vigour because now he gets to live the best of both worlds.