Pick Your Ride

The vehicles are divided into three categories; Speed Buggy All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Motorcycle. Each Vehicle will have unique properties as follows.

Each vehicle selected will determine the value of the fuel pickups and their frequency. The choice of vehicle will give a different aesthetic and challenge to the player which will enhance user retention and replay-ability

A vehicle is divided into 3 main parts; Front, Sides(Left and Right) and Back. A collision is mapped onto which general area the car was hit.

Navigation Mechanic

The Vehicle Navigation will be in 2 forms:

  1. Fun Mode; Acceleration is automatic and the player chooses between the accelerometer or virtual buttons to steer the vehicle left to right and the brake/reverse are virtual buttons
  2. Pro Mode; Acceleration is player-controlled via virtual buttons including brake and handbrake ability. Steering left to right is a choice between the accelerometer or virtual buttons.

Fun mode is for those who want to have a classic runner feel with the ability to control the speed only through braking. This is for the audience that is new to this genre of games. Another audience is the persons with disability (permanent or temporary). The brakes/reverse buttons can be placed on either side of the phone. Pro mode is for those die-hard players who want to be in total control of the vehicle. Thus have a more invested and aesthetic feel to the execution of the game.